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Practical Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Energy healing

Meet Kathy

Natural Health Specialist

Hi, I'm excited to help you find your way to true wellness.

I am a qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Kinesiologist. I also have qualfications in reiki and access consciousness bars. Along with my previous experience as a nurse and midwife, I hope you can get a feel for how I try to create a "whole"istic approach to healing.

I am passionate and dedicated to the philosophy of natural healing. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves, through nature and our connectedness to it, we just need to create the right environment for this to happen within us.

I have always known I was born to help people. I knew this from a very young age. So the obvious thing to me when I left school was to become a nurse. That seemed the most effective way to start to live my vocation. There has been a natural progression, over many decades, of unwavering and growing interest in health and wellness which has led me to my current approach of healing and helping people. My own personal journey of a challenging health condition, and subsequent dismay with how conventional medicine was not able to help me, influenced greatly the search for my own healing. I experienced such profound benefits through using natural medicine to restore my health and wellbeing, I was inspired to study naturopathy and expand my knowledge and skills so that I could continue to help others in the same way.


 I am in awe every single day of  the wonder of nature, of the human body, of the universe, of everything! And our connection to it all. This drives me on my never-ending quest for knowledge and understanding of the healing process, and applying what I learn to help you achieve true wellness. My work remains current and relevant, with my passion and dedication to the latest research and information pertaining to Natural Medicine.

Soul Botanica

The re-branding of my business name to "Soul Botanica" was born from the philosophy that we are part of, yet apart of nature. The innate ability of the body to heal itself, provided there is harmony between body mind and soul, as well as harmony between man nature and the environment, form the roots by which this philosophy is grounded. My vision is to create a space for information, knowledge, healing, inspiration and a deep spiritual understanding of wellness. 

**Watch this space.

This website is an evolving work in progress, and I plan to build and improve it over time. While I am very experienced in helping you achieve your health goals, I'm not so experienced at technology, so patience is needed with this.​ Stay tuned.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

It can help with


The food we eat, and how our body processes it for nutritional benefit, is crucial to our health. This is the cornerstone of Naturopathic philosophy. Our digestive system is quite complex, involving many organs and processes, therefore making sure it is functioning well is crucial.


Fatigue is an all too common symptom in our modern lives, that can be caused by, or originate from, a number of different reasons. Finding the cause of the fatigue is key to correcting it and returning you to a vibrant energetic state.


Cleansing the digestive system and enhancing its function, restoring balance, helps to provide the ability to heal and recover from disease as well ,maintain health and longevity.

Women's Health

The hormonal system is a very complex system, and when not in balance a woman can experience many health conditions and problems. Naturopathy can find where the imbalances are and, with the use of herbs and nutrition, restore a healthy balance which improves daily life, menstrual cycles, fertility, and progression though the phases of our lives (maiden, mother, crone).

Weight Loss

There are a number of factors that can be linked to weight gain, and the difficulty in losing or maintaining healthy weight. It often is much more than a "calories in, calories out" mentality. Lets find out all factors involved to improve your ability to achieve your ideal goals.


Acute or chronic stress is virtually an everyday thing for most people in the modern world. Stress hormones are designed to alter almost every cell in your body, but when this becomes a chronic or constant demand adrenal fatigue results, which then has other negative effects to other body systems. Naturopathic treatments are perfectly suited to correcting the effects of stress (which can be mental, emotional or physical in nature).

Immune Health
Illustrated Mint

Our immune system protects us from infection. An under-active or over-active immune function can cause many health issues. Nature has provided an abundance of plants, herbs and foods, that can help boost and/or balance immune function.



"Kathy's passion for her work and for her clients total wellbeing is her life's goal. This shows in her care and empathy.”

—Kathy McKie


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